Walmart Plonkers

Walmart People never cease to amaze and amuse me.  

Here are some of the latest contenders for Plonker of the Year.

Is she actually wearing knickers?  My eyes are bleeding from trying to locate them.
Lets hope she's at Walmart to buy a bra or perhaps she's just shoplifted two pork roasts.
Is that Lester Flem.  Nice boots!
Britney has let herself go again!
How the "GI Jane camo trend" should not look.
Freidagurtz Finkelstein is always surprised to see me at the checkout.
I wonder what Lady Gaga has planned for that pie filling.
If the hole in  your jeans is big enough for someone's hand to reach inside, don't complain when someone squeezes yer arse!
Poor Barney is stuck where the sun don't shine
Reaching for a Yoga video, this MILF looks HAWT in her short-shorts.
Slipper and purple hot pants are huge this season.  Especially on Elephant Girl.
Ollie Hopnoodle displays his thong.