Bird Park Visit

Last weekend our wee family took a trip to Monte Casino's Bird Park. and we got to stroll through the HUGE walk in averies.  They put on a wonderful Bird Show at the park's amphitheatre, where they've taken injured and abandoned birds and reared them back to health but because they have been "humanised", they train them and use them in a very special Bird Show.  We even got to meet a Black Falcon!

They also have other animals on display - frogs, scorpions, spiders, sloths, cameleons, monkeys and the longest snake in the world (behind glass of course)...

Afterwards we went for lunch at a restaurant close by where we got really bad food and even worse service - hence the disappointed faces.

Beautiful Black Falcon takes flight

Hornbill Catching Food

Cape Vulture - endangered

Lunch Time!

The Cape Pink Flamingos

Kaylin enjoying her Ice Cream Break

Lemur - Its King Julian!

The Playful and colourful Parrots

Megan on her Drink Break

Ugliest Marabou Stork Bird


Southern White Pelican

More Snacks? Well, we were there for 4 hours!

We went for lunch after the Bird Park and My Boerewors was NOT impressed with the Food or the Service (probably because they didn't have his favourite beer).  No they really were pretty bad.  Our sad faces are because of the horrid restaurant NOT the Bird Park.  The Bird Park was AWESOME!!


Snake with wee horns on his nose...

Pepper Steak with chips and onion rings

Even Megan wasn't impressed with the restaurant

A Beautiful and intelligent Tucan

NOT impressed with the restaurant
During the show the birds fly right up to you and land on the tree stumps amongst the audience in the amphitheatre.  Its quite spectacular!

Emperor Tamarin Monkeys that were after the girls fizzy drinks