2011 Hamann Hawk Review

An explosion of design of the engine power wrapped in a gold Everose exciting body color. The specialist in southern Germany for the exclusive automotive refinement, Hamann Motorsport, the leaf turns Hamann Hawk AMG Mercedes SLS in fresh plumage claws and sharper significantly.

Even in the light version of SLS, offers a significant power output. But Hamann engine compartment to put a little 'more power to fund a V8 engine. Empowerment is a core of high-performance exhaust system made of titanium. Together with the new catalysts sports collectors and sports air filter, this system also allows the earth and the powerful 6.2-liter aggregate votes. The components are finely tuned to help the new map of the characteristic motor with the engine electronics. When the superior performance of 636 hp / 468 kW and maximum torque of 680 Nm at 4850 rpm, the engine meets Hamann exactly the desires of customers ambitious sport. Improved performance of the car door wing offers first-class action. Starting the race modes, two-seater accelerates from 0-100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds and top speed is 320 km / h, Hamann Hawk exceeds even the base model.

Superior driving performance is combined with a surprising look and aerodynamics tested in a wind tunnel. Front spoiler Hamann Hawk replaces the serial buffer, and its form, reduces the lifting forces of the front axle. Larger air intakes in the context of the new unit LEDs provide a two-seater a more dynamic look. In addition, enlarged air intake openings for easy access to the engine by increasing the need for a breath of fresh air. Subsequently, the air is sucked from the new carbon fiber hood checkered flag. Hitting the wing, in both 60mm and 70 mm at the front on both sides of the back, already made its appearance impressive, even if the machine has not started moving yet. Side skirts make a two-seater seems to be low and long, and emphasize the wheels. In order to compensate fully for the front and rear axle downforce, SLS offers Hamann rear wing is also made of carbon checkered flag.

The new rear apron with diffuser increases air flow around the bottom of the car and gives a large space for four at the end of each tube 90 mm in diameter.

For a perfect combination of comfort and control, Hamann using a single game, especially light forged wheels "Unique anodized forged" by 21 inches. They are mounted with tires 245/30 ZR 9Jx21 21 measurement before and with 12.5Jx21 tires 345/25 ZR 21 rear axle measuring.

The coil of the suspension is specially refined for Hamann Hawk. With four height-adjustable shock absorbers and four progressively wound springs, the center of gravity can be lowered to 30 mm.

Hamann completely redesigned the interior of the SLS and turns it into a VIP room with the characteristics of motor sport. It hides the most delicate and ultra-suede, applications and embroideries replace the internal standard. Hamann adorns addition, air intakes, protective door sills and center console carbon checkered flag. Black anodized aluminum pedals make a comfortable grip. Highlights of the new technology inside is the new ergonomic steering wheel has been redesigned.