2011 Volvo C30 BEV Review

Volvo introduced to drive a prototype electric car in September 2009. Volvo C30 BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) in this 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit will take the company beyond the development process. It includes a complete interior and full instrumentation, as well as improve the battery.

"The first prototype helped us to identify the major technological challenges, such as the battery and security. We have faced these challenges without compromising the Volvo C30 is a cool and fun-to-drive personality. I am very pleased with the result. Electric Volvo C30 BEV in Detroit is a much more complete product, "says Lennart Stegland manager of Volvo Cars Special Vehicles.

The next step is a factory built in 2010, a series of test vehicles. selected users to run the test fleet during the period of two years of trial experience Volvo valuable. Not only technology, but also behavior.

The Swedish Energy Agency supports the project by contributing SEK 150 million to finance it.

Valuable data field

Pure electric cars have different characteristics than the internal combustion engine of the car. Now, Volvo will have the opportunity to examine how people deal with these differences.

"Our data on the test fleet will be useful in the development of Volvo Cars of electric cars. It will also provide crucial information for planning of infrastructure and help define the services needed to make rechargeable cars more attractive option in the future, "says Lennart Stegland.

New tools and graphics

The electric Volvo C30 C30 looks like a regular, which offers the same security, comfort and space than standard car. The most obvious difference inside the car is new tools in the front of the driver. Instruments and the graphics are a bit different than in a classic Volvo. The instrument panel and pleasant fresh shows the speed of the beginning of the road and only the consumption of energy. However, it also incorporates a number of new symbols, as an indicator of battery charge and other relevant information for this type of vehicle.

Driving experience is also different from a normal car. BEV Electric Volvo C30 is not the gear and the engine power is delivered seamlessly, with full power available immediately. "Run with almost no sound is a very special experience. Power is there immediately. We use a lot of time to control the transmission system, which is both comfortable and safe for the driver to manage and use the same battery capacity and optimally at different speeds, "says Lennart Stegland.

As an ordinary Volvo C30 - fun, but without the emissions

An electric motor uses energy much closer to one quarter as engine operating on fossil fuels. This increased efficiency suggests that the interest in electric cars will increase as fuel prices rise and demand for low CO2 emissions by more stringent.

The Volvo C30 is shown in Detroit is powered by lithium ion batteries can be recharged through outlet stations or power or special regular road load. Charging the battery takes about eight hours. If the car is recharged with renewable energy, CO2 emissions could be almost anywhere in the well at the prospect of the wheel.

Top speed is a fully charged battery is about 130 km / h (81 mph). Acceleration from 0-60 mph in less than 11 seconds. Car has a range of up to 150 km (94 miles). This covers the daily need to commute more than 90 percent of all drivers in Europe.

As safe as any other Volvo

The electric motor is mounted under the hood while the batteries (24 kWh) will be installed in the shaft tunnel and the space normally occupied by the gas tank, outside the cabin and away from deformation zones.

"What's more, they are well crystallized and the structure around it added. Electric cars are yet another interesting challenge, we are committed to building the safest cars in the world. Electric, Volvo is as safe as any other new Volvo . And the same rules also apply to the property, guidance and protection in the event of an accident, "says Thomas Broberg, Senior Research Advisor for Safety, Volvo Cars.

Prospects for the electricity market

When it comes to electric cars only, there are several factors that determine its future use. "Consumers need to feel that this car is appealing to both drive and own.'s Why electric cars should be as safe and comfortable and offer the same kind of performance cars with other energy sources," says Paul Gustavsson, director of strategy for the electrification of Volvo Cars, "We believe in this technology and our field test is to demonstrate that electric cars have a considerable market potential. However, providing an attractive car is not enough. What also we must first place a system of scholarships. Technology electric vehicle battery costly economically viable vehicle buyers hope that the authorities and the rest of society will continue in our Volvo Cars "Drive Towards Zero" -. Volvo Cars journey towards zero emissions


Car Model: Volvo C30 - a full four-seater

Main engine: electric motor 40/82KW

Power: 82 kW electric motor, 111 hp

Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 10.5 seconds

Recharge: recharges via a standard electrical outlet, 230 V, 16 amps: <8 hours

Electric Range: 150 km (NEDC)

energy content of Battery: 24 kWh Nominal including 22.7 kWh used to propel the car

Battery weight: 280 kg

Carbon dioxide emissions (exhaust): none